Our Process

Your Vision, Our Expertise

The steps we take

to better work together

With over 30+ years of combined experience in the web design and development field, we’ve curated our process to improve efficiency and effectiveness in order to better serve our clients. Our process serves medical practices of all shapes and sizes. 



One of the most exciting steps in our process is when we get the opportunity to learn about our clients, their practice, and what makes them unique. We use a variety of different tools to extract important information that’s used in the design & development phases.


Work with our team to explore different ways to create and express your brand. We believe human contact is important and because of this, every client works 1-on-1 with our client services manager to share and accurately document their vision for the project. Our main priority in this step is to bring personality to your brand and online presence. 



Once all of the important information has been collected, we send everything over to our design team. This is where the magic happens. Design concepts and strategy come to life in a custom stylescape that’s specific and unique to your practice and brand. A desktop version is first created before tablet and mobile to ensure it’s exactly what the client had envisioned. 

Our team works 1-on-1 with each client to collaborate on the progression through this phase. We pride ourselves on working as a team with our clients from the project’s start to finish. Logo design and branding creation take place during this phase as well.



Once a concept is created that everyone is on board with, the stylescape will be sent over to our development team to begin the building process. This phase creates a functional experience for the client to conceptualize how the website will perform once created. Within 3-5 business days we present our clients with a beta staging website that they can provide feedback on without impacting their actual site. 

Consistent across every other phase, our emphasis and priority is always focused on collaborating with the client. Logo and brand development are integrated into the staging website and once completed, the entire website is transferred to the clients desired domain.